RisN – It Aint Easy (written, composed and produced by Terrell RisN Boyd)

Who is Terrell “RisN” Boyd?


Terrell “RisN” Boyd (a.k.a. “RisN” and “Riz”), is a multi-talented musician that not only does music production but raps, sings, plays various musical instruments, composes musical scores, and writes songs of the most popular  genres of music. RisN is the Founder of New Rise Entertainment, a positive entertainment company.

RisN hopes to bring a fresh new wave of talent to the music and entertainment industry. He hopes to accomplish this goal through his company “New Rise Entertainment.”

For the last few years the world has witnessed what seems to be the travesty of the Chicago and Chicagoland Public School student. Students have been depicted as having no hope and no direction. Terrell “RisN” Boyd, a rising music artist/producer who is also a native of Chicago is all too familiar with the pressures of managing academic expectations despite burnout and school violence. Losing his father to Aids when he was 9 years of age, and then losing his brother to street violence at the age of 14, RisN developed a passion for making a difference. In order to achieve making a difference, RisN and his team have created an innovative approach to educate youth and adults through an interactive tour which focuses on physical, mental, emotional, relations and spiritual health. The tour consists of public speaking, musical performances, interactive skits, and other fun and entertaining activities.

RisN and his team desire to equip youth adults with the tools to beat the odds. He has been a part of a community effort to cultivate, motivate and inspire youth specifically in improving their individual lives, their families and their neighborhoods. RisN was recently a part of the Youth Advocates Program’s nonviolence tour, where he captivated audiences with his music and charisma and delivered a message of non-violence, hope and unity to over a thousand students. RisN and his team have been able to spread this message of hope and encouragement over the past few years because of support from the community. Please join us on this new journey to positively impact lives.

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