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Terrell RisN Boyd in partnership with New Rise Entertainment is offering exclusive digital music production courses and seminars to iamrisn.com members.

Course Overview

In this course the student will learn the skills of modern music producers and song writers, as well as the skill of understanding themselves and others, and expressing emotions in a healthy manner. This course will help the student on their path to potential careers in producing musical content for: Television shows, commercials, movies, video games, musical artists, apps, radio, and so much more!

Musically, the student of this course will develop the awareness of rhythm, tempo, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS), Music theory, Keyboard, Songwriting, and numerous other aspects of music production. Through this course the student will gain the know how to produce and write songs for themselves and for clients. Sense music has been such a powerful impact on cultures and civilizations since the beginning of time, we take pride in educating people in the field of music.

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